The Víno Hruška company was founded in 2007 by Libuše and Stanislav Hruška: “Already my grandparents owned vineyards, and thanks to them we can share valuable wine production experiences and advice across 8 generations in the family.”

The company’s headquarters are located in the beautiful wine village of Blatnička, where we currently manage nearly 60 hectares of vineyards, and we still make use of the local Terroir to produce quality and species variable wines from this area. Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction; therefore apart from Moravian we also offer imported wine, in order to diversify our product range.

The roots of the history of our viticulture date back to 1842. In the land register of the village of Blatnice, there is a first written reference of our family as wine-makers, when Tomáš Hruška was responsible for a total of 4 hectares of vineyards.

Later on, wine cultivation and production became the main activity of our ancestors. We came with a special way of cutting the vineyards into one horizontal ten-eyed ladle. This way of cutting was introduced by our current oenophile expert Petr Hruška, in 2003. By this we reduced the productivity of grapes to one-third, which means we started producing less wine than other winemakers, but the quality of our grapes was increased by two-thirds. In this period, we set our first milestone – transition in the strategy, where quality is preferred over quantity. This idea/philosophy is expressed by our slogan “Wine with a taste”.

Harmony and unity of nature and human work has taught us of honour and humility for centuries. We understood and accepted the fact that even the finest wine would run out once. We are not trying to produce wine, which would end up as time waste and result in an imitation of wine.
Just like in art each painting is original, each wine is also an original and has its own character. Our philosophy says that wine can’t be produced for the sole purpose of gaining profits. We believe that wine must be understood, wine must be lived.