Our wine stores VÍNO HRUŠKA are being run under the franchise concept of VÍNO HRUŠKA. Each store is unique in its own way.

Both store and wine bar located in Vinohrady is an oasis of tranquillity in the busy city centre of Prague thanks to its terrace in the quiet courtyard, where you can taste most of our wines, which you can also buy and take them home with you. In this store we organize wine tastings and corporate parties on a regular basis.

In the Čestlice store, on the other hand, you can buy wine on the way to your countryside house, a weekend trip to Moravia, or it’s perfect for you if you are a wholesale representative and need to park your car nearby when picking up your order. In the Hanák Forum building we have our own reserved parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about the restricted parking areas.

The latest store we have opened is located in the Koněvova street in Žižkov, and it makes us very proud. It is a beautiful and spacious store, and we have great plans for it in the future. But those will be revealed later on.

Other Víno Hruška stores are located in Radotín, Strašnice and Kbely district.

What makes all the stores connected? / What do all the stores have in common? It’s the unique products / assortment.

In the stores you can find Moravian wines, as well as foreign wines that have been selected by our sommelier, and in most cases you won’t find those in any other stores than ours.

The assortment is complemented by wide selection of foreign delicacies and yummies produced by the protected workshop of Víno Hruška.

We also offer a wide range of gift products and sommelier needs.